Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Should you walk on? If yes, Why?

Did you ever stop to think why you are walking? Where this walking will lead you? Why do want to get there? What ultimately will you gain or lose by going there? That is, is there any purpose of doing it.....

You must have heard this concept in many philosophies and many spiritual speeches. I am here talking about the famous and thought-over-centuries question - "What is the purpose of Life?"

I have also, like many before me, and many yet to come, have thought over it, and I have deduced many theories for formulating the answer to 'Life, The Universe and everything else'. And one such theory amongst them is to turn the question against itself.

Well, I know that there is really no purpose for living, and people ask why should you live? But I ask them what purpose do they have NOT to live? or stop existing? Why should we not live? Well, perhaps there is no answer to question also.

Give some thought over what I have said, and if you also have some theories, pour them over in comments.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Never neglect the small

Thats a lesson which I had to learn the harder way. I always wanted to stay friends with the popular and those who are in lime-light. But in this, I neglected those who wanted to be friends with me, and whom I considered lowly and sub-standard.

But now I realize my mistake, and I am repenting for my actions. Those, after whom I always ran, never gave me any happiness and me always feel dejected. And I was stupid enough to deject those who were standing with open arms for me. Now I want to be with them, but Time won't give me the same chance again. I missed all those happier moments, which I could have experienced. But now I will never repeat the same mistake again, and just by saying and thinking this I start to get happier. It is so because those whom you consider lowly, but who want to spend time with you, If you remain with them then you automatically get happy from their happiness. I think thats the very definition of pure happiness, to be happy on seeing someone else happy. Its totally unconditioned and selfless. Its about loving your brothers and sisters.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Staying on your feet

All through my life, I tried to be on the top of everything. Whether its Games, Relations, Problem-Solving, and what not...

But I never realized that staying on ground is very important for success. I was always flying in my dreams, I never wanted to touch the land. But now I see that those who were on the ground have grown up real wings, and I am falling down. I tried to be complex, tried to be attractive to others, always be in the limelight - holding the flag in my hand. But those who were simple all through their life, are those from whom I am now jealous. Now I want to be like them, but its not possible. My whole schooling life has taught me some lessons, lessons which can be only learned by experience not by any book or teacher. I will try to correct my faults in future and be attentive towards things in life which really matter.

All this can't bring back one thing, the lost time and all those lost moments of happiness. But I heard somewhere that if you remember something, its never really gone.

"वोह कागज कि कश्ती, वो बारिश का पानी..."

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Hello Old Friends,

I am Sachin, and I am also contributing my bit to the blogging community on net. I am going to come straight to the point. I will be posting about my experiments with life and its various aspects. I includes almost everything in this Universe (and beyond...)

I have started this blog to find people who have similar interests like me. And blogging is a very great way to share with people. It was always my habit not to share with people, and it led to many good and bad (but interesting) results. I almost always get the same comment from my acquaintances when I open up before them - "Sachin, I never imagined that you would be like this." Its not new to me, so I am never surprised on hearing it... But somehow I obtain pleasure when I get this comment...

I am like this only.